Sound Designer. Silence is a Choice.

Jeffrey Dorfman has a sound design that transports the audience easily into time and place.
— DC Metro Theater Arts
Jeffrey Dorfman’s sound design hits all the right notes.
— DC Metro Theatre Arts

I've been a musician for over 15 years. My favorite instruments are the Piano, Trombone, and Ukulele. 

The best sound designs often go unnoticed.

One of my mantras, "Silence is a Choice," helps me focus on pieces in their entirety. Even if sound is absent, every moment can be focused to propel the story.


I'm originally from Buffalo, NY.  That's where I was drawn into theatre while attending undergrad. I came to D.C. for graduate studies at UMD, College Park in 2010, where I discovered how much I love shaping audience's emotion through sounds and music.

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