Cyborg Suites (5).png

Cyborg Suites

by Jeffrey Dorfman

     The music for this piece started out by going through my entire sound library and searching out every buzz, click, and servo I could find. Erica and I listened to them all until we found a common dialogue, and the magic began. What does it sound like when the female model of servitude breaks down?

     The final product became Cyborg Suite #1, and #3 is a mash-up of "N.Y. Hotel" by The Knife. 

     From the Choreographer, Erica Rebollar;

     "Inspired by Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto”, this piece examines the

boundaries between machine and human, mechanical and gendered, internal and


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Choreographer: Erica Rebollar

Sound Design & Composition: Jeffrey Dorfman

CenterStage, Reston 2014

Photo by:  David Dowling