by Jeffrey Dorfman


     This piece was part of the Kennedy Center Local Dance Commissioning Project.

     Nothing was too sacred as we delved into Adriane Fang's mind.Throughout the piece we explored her internal desires for order, her relationships with her mother and daughter (both of whom danced alongside in the piece), and the chaos when the order is disturbed.

     For this work, I composed a fugue titled "Horizon Trio." The music in its original form is not actually used in the piece, but becomes an emotional backdrop as this music transcends different instruments and is chopped, blurred, sped up, slowed down, and distorted in the space.

     The Zen world of focus and concentration is disturbed by memories and chaos of our own emotions.


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Choreography: Adriane Fang

Scenic Design: Joshua Madson

Lighting Design: Max Dolittle

Sound Design & Composition: Jeffrey Dorfman

Kennedy Center Millienium Stage, 2014