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by Jeffrey Dorfman


    Many people came together to make this Music and Audible experience happen. Many hours of recording, editing and cueing went into the creation of Kerrmoor's village-folk. Essentially an offstage character, the town reacted to action on-stage, or pushed the action forward as necessary.  it was my role to take the Irish-rooted music (written by Linda Dusman) on a emotional journey with our characters. The fear, courage, and brutal nature of these women's duty had you questioning your own morals in this modern-day greek tragedy.


From the Playwright:

     "It’s a place full of amazing, noble people who are all about sacrifice, and at the same time are insular and xenophobic. It’s a dangerous mix."

     - Susan McCully


From Reviewers:

     "The production also gains greatly in suspenseful atmosphere from Linda Dusman's vivid music and Jeffrey Dorfman's sound design."

     - The Baltimore Sun

     "Sound Designer Jeffrey Dorfman and Music Composer Linda Dusman shade the performance with a colorful aural palette that enhances the overall aesthetic experience of the performance. Dusman adds layers of subtle twang to signify location between scenic shifts while Dorfman captures the notion of nighttime with nuances in his sound work. The recorded chanting of voices that rises in haunting swells from an unseen village beyond the walls is a truly striking element that adds a chilling layer of realism to the show in moments when these recordings underscore the women present in the show chanting out the right of Kerrmoor."

     - Theatre Bloom


Directed: Eve Muson

Playwright: Susan McCully

Composition: Linda Dusman

Guitar, Bohdran, and Mandolin: Zan Mcleod

Sound Design: Jeffrey Dorfman

Scenic Design: Greggory Schraven

Costume Design: Eric Abele

Lighting Design: Adam Mendelson


Interrobang Theatre Company & Strand Theatre

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Fall 2015