One Mile Radius Project (2017)

by Jeffrey Dorfman


See the Trailer on Vimeo Here.


This project was about connecting dance to the community. Those connections took on the form of interviews with residents of the neighborhood, as well as site-specific dances performed live and recorded.

This music of this show was inspired by the installation we created using rotary telephones and projections. Participants were invited to listen to interviews by dialing a number, and viewing an experience in the neighborhood. The audio was made a personal experience by being only played through the telephone.

The dial tone became a central theme in the audio-score, helping to bridge the recent history of Mount Rainer with our technology-based future. The electronic blended with the analog recorded sounds of bicycles, phones, and people created the unique atmosphere of this ongoing project. It also made it personal to this neighborhood, as the base of most of these sounds came from the surrounding area.

The slightly morose theme is an echo of the neighborhood Mount Rainer was in it's heyday, and speaks to the closure of the trolly, severing it from easy D.C. public transit.


Excerpt from the Choreographers;

"Our human imprint and the memory of our movement linger in spaces well after we have migrated through them. The One-Mile Radius Project explores these imprints and the unique spaces within a one-mile radius of Joe’s Movement Emporium. In collaboration with Joe’s, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Brentwood Arts Exchange and their workshop participants, Orange Grove Dance will investigate the personal and uniquely traversed spaces of the community. Dance, film and projection will be used to zoom into and magnify the intimate nooks and crevices of seemingly familiar spaces and, in turn, bring those outside spaces inside the walls of Joe’s."



Photo by Peter Leibold