Speaker Cubes (2016)

I wanted to create a multi-directional sound surface inspired by the artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. I designed and built these prototypes for Kitchen Sink Fest at Dance Place in 2016.


Final Install

This was the final look of the two speaker cubes that were created. This installation was a meditation space, from which a different tonal chime played from different speakers. This created a more sonically immersive experience, since 6 different tones were produced by 6 different speaker. Traditional sound design would have used 1 or two speakers to play 6 different sounds.


The Raw Pieces

Here's some of the electronics that went into the speakers. Each cube features six (6) individually channeled speakers. The two different sizes are shown here. All these items were from PartsExpress.com


Final Assembly

In progress in this photo, each piece was cut to fit. The parts list includes;

  • Wood
  • Speakers
  • Digital Amplifiers
  • Foamcore
  • Cat 5e cable
  • Wood Screws
  • Glue