The Human Capacity

by Jeffrey Dorfman

     This new work presented the opportunity to compose a theme with untethered freedom. The inherent chord structure of all of these themes are inspired by the GDR National Anthem, composed by Hanns Eisler. It is a rousingly beautiful, totalitarian march. While this world is surrounded by sadness and suppression, there are faint glimmers of hope on the wind.

     Excerpt from the Playwright, Jennifer Barclay ;

     "Naked and tortured in a frigid bath, Alonza Ostermann fights for her life and family. It is 1972, and we are immersed in the most perfected surveillance state of all times: Communist East Berlin. Dietrich Richter, a brutally loyal Stasi officer, is in charge of punishing Alonza for the gravest of offences – scaling the Berlin Wall in a desperate attempt to reach her sick newborn son. Both torturer and victim find themselves caught in a struggle to reconcile the horrors of their past with their hopes for the future."


Directed by Michael Dove

Scenic Design by Andrew Cohen 

Costume Design by Kara Waala

Lighting Design by Rob Siler

Sound Design & Composition: Jeffrey Dorfman


Kogod Theatre at University of Maryland, Spring 2015

Photo: Stan Barouh